Supply chain visibility

CargoChain supply chain visibility

In the year 2022 the logistics industry’s annual revenue will top $15 trillion dollars. The market size and potential is immense, but it is also complex. The global supply chain consists of millions of actors and a myriad of cargo types. No supply chain is the same and very rarely do two actors in the supply chain have the exact same problem. While advances in the physical supply chain have been made, the associated information supply chain is where the logistics industry has fallen behind. With existing technologies and solutions, supply-chain-wide transparency and visibility of information is almost impossible. Participants are restricted to sharing pre-agreed information on a point-to-point basis using pre-Internet communication protocols. This means the majority of cargo information is locked away in siloed legacy systems. A different approach to sharing information is required to bring innovation and improve supply chain visibility.

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 Supply chain visibility insights papers:

I can't see clearly now - CargoChain insights paper
I can't see clearly now

Download this insights paper to discover the challenges facing global supply chains and why information sharing needs to be re-imagined.

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Who shares wins - CargoChain insights paper
Who shares wins

Download this insights paper to read why information, not equipment, is the most important front in the battle for success in the global logistics sector.

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Blockchain supply chain


Originally, blockchain technology was designed for digital currencies such as Bitcoin. It wasn’t long before the tech community recognised its potential for other applications, to the point it’s become the backbone of a new type of Internet. As everyone in the supply chain industry is aware, managing a chain is complex. It can involve hundreds of stages, many locations, many financial transactions, and potentially thousands of people communicating with each other. There is a real need for more streamlined and efficient processes. Blockchain is emerging as a potential solution, the new technology makes it easier to track and trace a product, allowing all partners involved to see where it has originated, where it’s been, and where it’s destined to go. This level of transparency makes it harder for counterfeiters to hack into supply chain systems and cause problems.

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Blockchain supply chain insights papers:

Automating trust in the supply chain

Blockchain is offering some real opportunities for improvement across supply chains, including transparency, security and most of all – trust.

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New kid on the block

Blockchain technology is set to make its mark on global supply chain management, with the shipping industry leading the way.

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Supply chain app development


With the emergence of blockchain and the impact it’s having on supply chains, there are opportunities for application developers to get in on the action. According to Gartner, the emergence of technologies like blockchain, IoT, AI, and robotics is fuelling rapid expansion in the supply chain software market. They expect this market to total $USD 19 billion by 2021, and continue growing at a compound rate of 7.5% to 2024. What this means is the opportunity to develop supply chain apps is immense.

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Supply chain app development insights papers:

Global logistics
Global logistics

See why the global supply chain is the new frontier for software development companies.

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Good ship disruption
All aboard the good ship Disruption

Where are the opportunities for logistics app developers when it comes to the global supply chain market?

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